With environmental problems such as smog, global warming, water pollution, overflowing landfills, and dwindling natural resources, we all need to “Think Earth” to maintain a clean, healthy, sustainable environment in which to live. That means that each of us needs to do what we can to:

Conserve Natural Resources — Reduce Waste — Minimize Pollution

The Think Earth Environmental Surveys are intended to help you examine how well you currently “Think Earth” and what you can do to improve your environmental behaviors.

There are two surveys:

At your home or school, you will be investigating habits, behaviors, and conditions that affect:

To conduct a survey, you will do the following steps:

  1. Fill out your information below.
  2. Print out the survey.
  3. Look around your home or school and talk to family members or school personnel to answer each of the questions.
  4. Input your survey answers.
  5. Receive environmental improvement recommendations keyed to your answers.
  6. Optional. Submit your answers to be included in our Think Earth database and see how your answers compare to others who have answered the same survey questions.

We hope you will do the surveys and make use of the recommendations you receive to do your part to “Think Earth.”

Step 1: Fill Out Your Information

Please fill out your infomation below. All information marked in green is required to print or enter results for each of the surveys.

Please note: None of the infomation you enter below will be saved until Step 6, which is optional. Your name will never be saved. Only your grade, teacher, subject, school, city, state and answers will be saved in the Think Earth secure database in Step 6. Because of this security measure, when you come back to enter your results, you will need to re-enter your information below.

Not a student.




Once you have completed the information above, select the survey you wish to take or to which you would like to enter results.

Select one of the surveys below.

  1. Think Earth Home Environmental Survey
  2. Think Earth School Environmental Survey

Next, please, select whether you would like to print out your survey or enter results for a survey you have already printed and completed.

Which would you like to do?

  1. Go to Step 2. I want to print out my survey.
  2. Go to Step 4. I want to enter my survey results.

Once you have completed all of your information above, selected your survey and selected what you would like to do next, click on the "Continue to next step." button below.