Waste Invaders Fourth Grade Mini-Unit

Waste Invaders Fourth Grade Mini-Unit thumbnail

The Waste Invaders mini-unit focuses on reducing solid and liquid waste. Students learn where our trash and wastewater come from, where they go, and how to reduce the amount of solid waste and wastewater we produce.

The mini-unit includes two 8-page, full-color comics and a classroom guide.

Waste Invaders Part 1 covers how humans:

  • use natural resources
  • create a lot of waste
  • handle their waste with disposal systems

 Waste Invaders Part 2 addresses

  • the problems of creating so much waste
  • some possible solutions

How to Teach Waste Invaders

  1. Download the two Waste Invaders Comics and the Classroom Guide.
  2. Read the comics with students. You can print or project the comics or have students view them on computers or tablets.
  3. Use the discussion questions in the Classroom Guide to reinforce and extend student understanding.
  4. Teach follow-up activities from the Classroom Guide as time allows.


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