Think Earth, It's Magic!

A Southern California Project


Think Earth, It's Magic!, an assembly program for schools in Southern California, is a joint project of the Think Earth Foundation and two of its members—Central Basin Municipal Water District and the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

Conducted by eco-magician Paul Cash, Think Earth, It's Magic! assemblies for grades K through 5 reinforce the Think Earth themes to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution. During each 45-minute show, the magician makes water disappear while teaching the importance of water conservation; he makes a rabbit disappear while explaining the effects of toxic waste on the environment. Students are captivated and entertained while being educated.

Prior to the assembly, teachers at the school receive Think Earth instructional units for their grade levels. The assembly and the units work together to teach students about the importance of practicing behaviors to help our environment.

Think Earth, It's Magic! is currently available for schools in the service areas of Central Basin Municipal Water District and Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. For more information about Think Earth, It's Magic!, contact Mark Moss, Education Manager at Central Basin, at (323) 201-5519.