Participating in the Think Earth® Foundation

The Think Earth Foundation was founded on a belief that organizations working together can accomplish more than one organization working alone. Thus, our first project—The Think Earth Environmental Education Curriculum—pooled the resources of many organizations to develop and distribute a comprehensive, award-winning, pre-school through middle-school curriculum.

Choose Your Project

Throughout the history of the Foundation, board members—and other sponsors—have funded projects that support our mission. Currently, we are seeking sponsors for the following projects:

  • Online Curriculum Project (National). We are updating and revising the Think Earth Environmental Education Curriculum and will be publishing it online so that the instructional units are available free to every teacher nationwide. Learn more...
  • Think Watershed Project (Southern California). Field trips on a Floating Lab are funded in Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors allowing students to participate in hands-on marine science experiments and to see firsthand the watershed's effects on the marine environment. Learn more...

Benefits of Participation

By sponsoring a Think Earth project, your funds have more leverage as they combine with the contributions of others. The value you receive will far exceed the funds you contribute. Many other benefits can be realized with increasing levels of sponsorship.

Funding Levels*



The benefits below plus...


Outreach Reports. Annual project reports can be provided documenting the number of participating teachers and students in specific areas, as well as student data (e.g., reactions, test scores, survey responses) and teacher feedback.

Board Membership. Your organization can be invited to join the Think Earth Board of Directors, participating in the conceptualization, development, and implementation of all projects.



The benefits below plus...

Project Input. You can become a "project partner," actively participating in development and implementation.



The benefits below plus...

Branding. You will receive acknowledgment in all educational and promotional materials.


Under $10,000

Acknowledgement: You will be listed on the Think Earth website.


Leveraged Funds. Partnering with other funders will leverage your contribution with other organizations' funds to develop quality projects with greater outreach.


Public Relations. You can promote the project in your local area to help reach teachers, students, families, and the public with your own environmental messages.

*Funds can be contributed at one time or over the course of the project.