5 Activities to Learn to Think Earth


Watch the Think Earth Video: This fun, animated Think Earth video shows kids what the natural environment is and how we use natural resources every day. Then it shows what can happen when we overuse resources and create too much waste and pollution—oh, no! In the end, kids are shown everyday actions they can take to help Think Earth and help keep our environment clean and healthy.



Look for Ways to Think Earth: Play search-and-find with the Think Earth Reduce, Reuse, Recycle poster. With children, look for how people are reducing waste (including conserving water and energy), reusing products, and recycling. For example, a man is washing w

indows with a spongeinstead of paper towels, which reduces waste, and people are carpooling, which saves gas. You can also print out a black and white version of the poster for children to color.


Make A List: Review this page which lists helpful Ways to Think Earth. On the back of the page, ask children to draw and write or dictate about ways they can Think Earth. We would love to see your children‘s ideas! Post a photo on social media and use the hashtag #ThinkEarthAtHome.


Learn the Think Earth Song: Listen to the Think Earth song and sing along either to the vocal or, once the song is learned, to the instrumental version. Encourage children to make up hand gestures to go along with the song and make a video to share with friends and family. If you post a video on social media, use the hashtag #ThinkEarthAtHome so we can share it!



Color Think Earth Badges: Print out the Think Earth Badges and give them to children to color and cut out. Hang from string or yarn to make a necklace.

You will find links to more free videos, stories, and activities at on our home page. Have fun saving the planet!