The Water Replenishment District of Southern California honored Think Earth with a Community Partner Award. The award was presented to Think Earth Chair Joe Haworth at the 10th Annual Groundwater Festival on May 20, 2017. Many thanks to WRD for this award and for your support of Think Earth through the years!

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You can assess and improve your environmental impact with two free Think Earth Environmental Surveys. Two surveys are offered—one for people to do at home and one for students to complete at school.


Home Survey

Survey1 copyThe Home Survey allows students and adults to discover their impact on the environment by investigating habits and behaviors (e.g., taking short showers) as well as household conditions (e.g., type of lightbulbs).

When you submit your survey, you will receive customized recommendations to help you and your family:
   • conserve energy
   • save water
   • reduce waste and pollution.



School Survey

In the School Survey, students discover the impact that students, teachers, and staff at their school have on the environment. They investigate habits and behaviors (e.g., recycling used paper) as well as school conditions (e.g., types of sprinklers).

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When students submit their School Survey, they receive recommendations targeted to their survey answers. these recommendations can be used to create an action plan for the school to:
   • conserve energy
   • save water
   • reduce waste and pollution.





"The Think Earth Environmental Surveys are a simple, straightforward way to enable kids to look at how they affect the environment every day and how to make positive changes." –Middle School Teacher

The Port of Los Angeles, a sponsor of the Think Watershed project, has developed a variety of educational programs that help second-grade through college-age students understand port operations, global trade, jobs facilitated by the port, and environmental awareness. Think Earth provides the Port with an opportunity to teach students that environmental stewardship and the health of our planet is a responsibility shared by every human being.

Through the Think Earth Foundation, the Port provides Think Watershed "floating lab" harbor tours where students can see and learn about the many species of animals that live in San Pedro Bay. Students are captivated by the creatures they encounter on a Think Watershed excursion, which helps reinforce the impact that upstream polluters have on the health of the bay.

"We save the Think Watershed boat tours for our top-tier elementary and middle-school educators," says Port Communications Director Arley Baker. "Think Earth provides the tools that help teachers develop pre- and post-tour lesson plans that underscore the important role our youth play as protectors of our planet."


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Learn more about the Port's educational programs here.

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Juliet Morris Elementary School in Cypress, California has been recognized by the California Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School for its excellence in resource efficiency and environmental education. Morris was awarded the Green Ribbon at the silver level and was the only school in Orange County to receive this noteworthy recognition. Local station KNBC visited Morris and the school's achievements were featured on Today in LA.

Principal Lori Hernandez credits the efforts of parents, students, and staff. “We compost, recycle, maintain a garden, and teach students about these important 21st century topics. The Think Earth lessons brought these topics into our classrooms to engage even our youngest students in environmental literacy.”

You can read more about this great school here.

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Have you heard about the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development?  World leaders have committed to 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years:

• End extreme poverty.

• Fight inequality and injustice.

• Fix climate change.

If every school in the world teaches children about these goals, we will help them become the generation that changed the world. The Think Earth curriculum empowers students to help achieve the following Goals:

Learn more about the Global Goals at

Think Earth is proud to announce that we have reached a milestone: More than 1,000 educators have now registered to teach the online Think Earth curriculum. This means that thousands of students are learning to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution. Thank you to all registered educators for helping to make our world a better place.

"Teaching young people to value the planet and the resources it provides is the way to ensure that our potential to solve the sustainability problem is achieved." — Steven Cohen, Executive Director, Columbia University's Earth Institute